London WTS - Didn’t that one suck!

London WTS - Didn’t that one suck!

I had good memories of London from last year and I was looking forward to racing there again – but I sort of – well, actually, I definitely had a race I will quickly put behind me. (Which I already have thanks to the ‘welcome back to training 3 hour ride with efforts’ and the ‘pull your finger out of your ass 5 x 2 kilometre efforts’ I did yesterday)

It’s been a busy 2 months and I’m glad to get this first part of the season done healthy, uninjured and with my first WTS podium in the bag. A few highs and lows but overall I’m pretty pleased with how it has gone – 6th on the WTS ranking shows that I’m there or there about.

Now to the part where I talk about the race….

I’ll keep it short to save you from the depressing literature

I promise  🙂

I swam ok and was in the lead group of 14 that got caught by a ginormous pack of 40 mid ride.

I did what I needed to on the bike – I worked when we were away from the chasers and then held position towards the front when we were caught.

I ran in 3rd gear the entire way and struggled to shift gears when I wanted to.

It happens sometimes. I’m working towards bringing the crap ones closer to the good ones.

I finished 30th.

Thanks everyone for the support since the race and over the past 2 months, it’s been great.

I’m now back in Spain, where after this weekend I won’t race for 5 weeks.

Here’s to ‘getting out of ya salad’ (it’s a gong wizard thing – basically means man the freak up and hurt yourself) Over the next 5 weeks in prep for Comm Games.