Getting back into it in Mallorca

Getting back into it in Mallorca

Being an athlete I often lose track of the date and only know the days of the week based on what training I have that day. Track means it’s a Tuesday; hill efforts are set for Thursday. You get the idea. Being on camp for weeks at a time means this is amplified 10 fold! Eat, sleep, train and repeat – day after day.

As I’ve become a little older I’ve come to understand how important consistently adding another ‘brick in the wall’ is. When I was a little younger I was able to put together 6 hard weeks and my form and fitness would benefit from this. Now it takes a little longer, which, at times is frustrating but I am also aware that often patience will be rewarded.

That brings me to where I am now; I missed a big chunk of the off-season after sustaining a stress fracture in my foot in Noosa last year. For me, the run is an area that needs uninterrupted days, weeks and months of training before it feels as though it ‘flows’.

After feeling as though I had forgotten how to run fast in the early weeks of the year, I’ve now been able to put together a few uninterrupted months, which I’m hopeful I will be able to show in the upcoming races; Bermuda WTS, Yokohama WTS and Leeds WTS all in the next 6 weeks.

I’ve been in Mallorca for the past 5 weeks training with the squad. Mallorca is a cycling mecca with people from all over world coming to ride around the beautiful island. One of my all time favourite, if not the favourite, ride I’ve ever done was to Sa Colabra.

A beautiful 10km climb starting from the coast and climbing all the way up an amazing mountain. It’s days like the Sa Colabra day that make you sit back and reflect on how lucky you are to be able to do this for a living.

I’ll finish off by showing what a typical week looks like here on camp.


  • Ride 90 minutes easy
  • Swim 4km strength work
  • Gym
  • Physio


  • Run 30 minutes easy
  • Swim 5km with 2.5km of hard efforts
  • Ride 90 minutes (depending  on the week)
  • Run 80 minutes with 10km of race pace or faster efforts on track


  • Swim 5km aerobic
  • Ride 3.5hour aerobic
  • Run 60 minutes aerobic


  • Ride 2.5 hours with hill efforts
  • Run off the bike
  • Swim 3km recovery
  • Run 80 mins with hill strides


  • Ride 3.5 hours easy
  • Swim 5km with 2.5km of hard efforts
  • Gym
  • Physio


  • Run 100 minutes with 10km of efforts
  • Swim 4.5km aerobic
  • Run 30 minutes easy


  • Ride 4 hour with 60 minutes of group effort
  • Run 60 minutes